If You Need Disaster Assistance, Deadline to Apply is Less Than 30 Days Away

AUSTIN, Texas— If you are a survivor from the severe storms and flooding that occurred from June 19 – July 13, 2018, and your home is still not safe, sanitary and functional, the deadline to apply for aid is Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018,  less than 30 days away.  Even if you have insurance, you can apply for disaster assistance. FEMA cannot duplicate insurance payments, but if you are underinsured, you may receive help after your claims have been settled. Applying for disaster assistance is a two-step process that involves FEMA help and...
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If You Didn’t Register With FEMA, You Didn’t Register

AUSTIN, Texas— If you were affected by the severe storms and flooding of June 19 – July 13, 2018, and need federal assistance, and you didn’t register directly with FEMA, you are not registered.  To be considered for aid from FEMA, you must register by going online to https://www.disasterassistance.gov/ or by visiting a disaster recovery center. The deadline to register for disaster assistance from FEMA for Hidalgo, Cameron and Jim Wells County flood survivors is Sept. 4, 2018.   Two common misconceptions regarding registering are:Applying for disaster assistance with other agencies or...
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HUD-Assisted Residents in Hidalgo, Cameron and Jim Wells Counties May be Eligible for More Aid

AUSTIN, Texas – Survivors in Hidalgo, Cameron or Jim Wells County that were impacted by the recent severe storms and flooding and were receiving rental assistance from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) prior to the disaster, may be eligible for disaster assistance from FEMA.  When a HUD-assisted resident's home becomes unlivable, HUD stops paying rental assistance for that residence. The survivor may then apply for FEMA disaster assistance.  Eligible survivors include those who were:Living in HUD-assisted public housing.Living in a privately owned apartment that provides rental assistance...
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FEMA Disaster Aid Based on Individual Needs

AUSTIN, Texas – Texas residents who suffered damage or losses in the severe storms and subsequent flooding that occurred from June 19 through July 13, 2018 should know that their eligibility for disaster assistance will be based on their individual circumstances and needs. The amount and type of housing assistance an individual receives could be completely different from his or her neighbors, even though the damage appears to be similar. For example, one homeowner might have more extensive insurance coverage than the homeowner next door, which could equal more or less aid...
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Businesses and Farmers Hurt by Disaster Can Seek Help

AUSTIN, Texas – While FEMA does not provide direct assistance to businesses or commercial farms, under the agency’s Individuals and Households Program, people (including farmers) whose homes were damaged or destroyed or who qualify for other-needs assistance can seek help from FEMA. Disaster assistance is available through other federal agencies to businesses and farms that have suffered damage to business property or economic losses as a direct result of a presidentially declared disaster. Economic-injury loans are available to businesses located in Cameron, Hidalgo and Jim Wells counties and in all contiguous counties. Low-interest...
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