Survival of the littlest

AUSTIN, Texas — Hurricane Harvey showed how strong Texans can be. Thousands overcame the disaster through perseverance and the sheer will to survive, and perhaps none of them exemplify our fighting spirit more than Meg and Paty. Left behind when the Morrow family fled their Plum Grove farm, Meg and Paty had to do whatever they could to stay above steadily rising floodwaters, and they found ingenious ways to do it. “Meg [is] my little Nigerian dwarf goat. I’ve witnessed it 100 times [and] I have pictures and video proof that Meg, as...
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Increased Cost of Compliance: What it means and Eligibility Criteria

AUSTIN, TX. – Insured survivors of the June 19 to July 13, 2018 severe storms and flooding may be eligible for extra flood insurance benefits from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). NFIP includes a provision called Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) for all eligible properties insured under the Standard Flood Insurance Policy. ICC can help with costs to rebuild, elevate, demolish or relocate structures damaged by the severe storms and floods. ICC also helps policyholders with the costs incurred if they are required by the community building department to meet rebuilding...
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Interim city manager passes disaster-recovery test

AUSTIN, Texas — Interim City Manager Fernando Quintanilla juggled many duties as Hurricane Harvey ripped through Aransas Pass, Texas, but perhaps the most difficult was keeping up morale among his team. About 30 city workers waited out Harvey in Aransas Pass so they could begin recovery efforts as soon as the storm passed. Quintanilla was one of 10 who initially holed up in the Municipal Court, but they were forced to evacuate and shelter in jail cells when Harvey showed its force. “In the courtroom, the ceiling started falling on us, and we...
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FEMA awards more than $81 million for Harris County property acquisition

AUSTIN, Texas – The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has awarded more than $81 million to the Harris County Flood Control District for the acquisition of 502 flood-prone homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey. Once the structures are removed, the land will be dedicated and maintained as open space to conserve natural floodplain functions.  Previously, the Harris County Flood Control District was awarded more than $77 million to acquire and remove 463 residential structures. These awards are part of a larger project to acquire and remove 985 flood-prone properties in Harris County....
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Corpus Christi Hooks pitch in for recovery

AUSTIN, Texas — When 20 members of the Corpus Christi Hooks front office staff showed up to help restore Doug Fitzgerald’s home two weeks after Hurricane Harvey, it reminded him of him of a different baseball team he used to watch growing up.  “I’m from Pittsburgh. … The Pirates’ slogan is ‘We are family,’ and that’s what it felt like,” said Fitzgerald, who works as an usher for the Houston Astros’ minor league affiliate in south Texas. “My wife cried when she saw all those people coming up to help us.” The...
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